About us

Future Eyewear Group was founded in 1984 with sale of sunglasses and reading glasses. In 1987 the first own brand Prestige was launched. Now the company has its own extensive brand portfolio, including Dr.Zipe, Prestige, Granite & Minibrilla.

Future Eyewear Group is the leading company in sun and reading glasses in the Nordic countries.  We design our products at the head office in Sweden and manufacture in our contracted factories in Asia. Future Eyewear Group is represented with it's various brands through distributors in more than 25 countries worldwide.

Business Concept

Future Eyewear Group shall offer the best choices for customers with regard to design, quality and price for sun and reading glasses as well as additional compatible products.

Future, as a leading player in the Nordic region, has extensive experience and knowledge of both the product and the market. Since the company was founded, we have built up an extensive and solid brand portfolio. All trademarks are our own and all have a strong position in the market. It is very important to us with the positioning of the various brands for them to be unique and be as competitive as possible. Therefore, we are careful with which brands we place on our different customer types.

We believe in a good mix of our glasses brands in the store to be attractive and reach multiple audiences. The majority of Futures brands are Swedish which is a strength and security. The market has confidence in the Swedish products and what it stands for. Swedish brands are often associated with good design and good quality.

We shall also fulfill our customer's demand for good service and availability, striving for a 100% satisfied customer. Customer relations are very important to us and we always upgrade our routines in order to give you as our client the best service and the best opportunities to find the glasses of your choice.

Ethics & Environment

Future looks strategically on environmental work and aims to always be at the forefront of recycling materials. Our company has a very long relationship with our suppliers in the Far East. We make demands on them regarding the employees' working conditions. This applies primarily to salaries, work environment, occupational health, working hours and child labor. We visit the factories at least three times per year with the aim to maintain an ongoing dialogue and the conditions of production. We guarantee that we follow internationally established rules regarding the above points.

Future is also a member of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and has adopted the BSCI Code of Conduct as our own. Several substantially larger companies are already members and Future follow in their wake. We ensure thereby the high demands of today on suppliers, current production, social responsibility, working conditions, etc.

All of our packaging is made from environmentally friendly paper. Everything from export carton, innerbox to product packaging in stores, is from 2009, completely recyclable and is marked with the recycling symbol.

You can feel confident that all our products meet the requirements of European standards. For technical documentation EU declaration of conformity, please follow the link: https://www.fostergrant.co.uk/ppe


  • We strive for applicable laws, regulations, agreements and directives.
  • We deliver our products in the most energy saving and efficient way possible. For example, we use sea freight, instead of airfreight, in most possible cases. 
  • We actively work with packages and material and we recycle corrugated cardboard and paper.
  • We only use environmental cars as our company cars. 
  • We work to optimize our own routes so that these minimize our effect on the environment. 
  • We take the environmental aspect in consideration when purchasing computer equipment and inventories. 
  • We work to, as much as possible, decrease the use of consumption goods by for instance sending documents, invoices, propositions etc. electronically - instead of printing and sending these by post. 
  • We favour suppliers who can show upon an active work in the environmental aspect. 
  • We choose, by all agreements, the supplier who has the best environmental work in cases when two propositions are equivalent.